Next-generation multi-parametric monitoring

New and Improved
Re-engineered with significant improvements in signal range, strength and efficiency for greater reliability, as well as improved power consumption and increased accuracy, the VPx Pro 6 900 MHz Sensor is our latest generation universal wireless transmitter.

Seamless Integration
A 6th-generation design, the VPx Professional Sensor is backwards-compatible with our 4th and 5th generation CheckPoint G4 and VPx systems, allowing legacy ViewPoint and CheckPoint Continuous Monitoring Systems to be expanded and upgraded as needed, extending the longevity and investment of original systems.

The VPx Pro 6 Sensor features an interactive, touch-button LCD screen interface which displays current readings and cumulative min/max data, with local audible and visual alert capability ensuring that alerting of any out-of-range events is independent of network or server availability.

The flexible, modular design with four input ports coupled with exchangeable, external probes permits real-time continuous monitoring of a wide range of environmental parameters, including custom applications, using a single, highly versatile sensor unit – no need for multiple transmitters to monitor different parameters.

With available on-board memory of up to 10,000 time-stamped data points, programmable logging intervals, local alarming for out-of-range temperatures, a low battery indicator and detachable buffered probes, the VPx Pro 6 meets and exceeds Vaccines for Children (VFC) requirements for vaccine temperature monitoring.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications


Application Range: -200 °C to +300 °C
Operating Range: +15 to +70°C and 0-90% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing
Display:  2.75” B&W LCD Display with User Interface; local audio (beeping) and visual (flashing LED) alerts  
Inputs: Two analog inputs (RTD temperature probe, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-30V or 4-20 mA)

One digital input (I2C temperature / humidity probe or differential pressure)
One dry contact / binary input (door switch, motion sensing or alarm contact)

On-board Memory: Local data storage of up to 10,000 logged data points
Certification: FCC/IC Certified and RoHS Compliant  



Data Transmission  

Radio: Region 2 ISM band (902 – 928 MHz)   



Power Options: Three (3) AA size 3.6V 2.4Ah lithium batteries or

Three (3) A size 3.6V 3.6Ah lithium batteries or
Three (3) AA size 1.5V alkaline batteries or
External 5V/1A AC Power Adapter (line-powered with battery backup)


Dimensions and Weight  

Dimensions: 5” W x 3.25” H x 1.125” D  
Dimensions with cradle: 5.625” W x 4.125” H x 1.625” D  
Weight, Sensor: approximately 7 ounces (with Li-ion batteries)
Weight, Sensor with cradle: approximately 9 ounces  (with Li-ion batteries)


Software Compatibility  

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