Renal care quality control

Next generation digital dialysate meters

DialyGuard digital dialysate meters help nephrology technicians keep dialysis machines functioning properly and allow testing and calibration of all types of delivery systems and water purification systems. Our user-friendly, time-saving meters and NIST-traceable solutions ensure accurate measurements to support safe, optimal dialysis therapy.

Globally trusted for convenience and reliability

DialyGuard’s commitment to precision and ease of use make our products a top choice around the world for testing and calibrating all types of delivery and water purification systems.


Our highly accurate digital dialysate meters are designed to deliver precise readings quickly. Easy field replaceable modules ensure ongoing calibration for greater reliability.


DialyGuard digital dialysate meters are 510(K)-approved, test for greater ranges, are easier to use, and are more rugged to fit clinical environments than others on the market.


The DialyGuard system includes meters, NIST-traceable solutions, and ancillary products that make it easy to organize and optimize renal care quality control programs.

Solution portfolio

Our complete line of samplers, calibrators, accessories, filter media, and software gives you everything you need to monitor and evaluate air quality and environmental conditions according to your specifications.


Our ISO-compliant facility offers factory-certified service, repairs, and recertification services for all Mesa meters, to help you get the most out of your equipment.  Both the pHoenix XL and our technician meters are field calibrated. Simply purchase a replacement calibration module for the pHoenix XL and replace it once a year or send in the sensor modules for technician meters for calibration and reduce your downtime.