Sterilization & cleaning monitoring

Industry-leading chemical and biological indicators

Unique solutions for sterilization challenges

Known globally for our experience and expertise, Mesa Labs manufactures AAMI-, ISO-, and USP-compliant indicators for a wide range of sterilization modalities. Our products and custom solutions offer convenient and consistent ways to validate and monitor the compliance of your processes and products.

Elevate your sterilization & disinfection control

We’re known for our consultative approach, applying deep expertise to meet your most critical needs: cycle development, validation, and monitoring; standard, UniQ, and custom indicators; and full-service support. 


Our standard and UniQ indicators are manufactured in an ISO-certified facility to the most exacting specifications. Our quality earns customer trust for BI manufacturing worldwide. 


Mesa provides in-depth technical support and consulting at every stage. Whatever your application demands, we give you access to advanced insights and experience. 


Mesa’s broad portfolio matches a wide variety of sterilization processes.  We work with you to identify the most appropriate standard and specialized solutions to meet your needs.