What you need to know to stay compliant 

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If your office, clinic, or site requires in-office sterilization checks for safety and compliance, Mesa Labs can help you understand the standards you’re required to meet and simplify your monitoring, spore testing, and reporting process. If you don’t see your application listed, please reach out to our customer service team to get your questions answered. 


Dental practices

Sterilizer monitoring requirements 


  • ISO 13485-certified processing facility 


  • Track multiple offices in your central dashboard 
  • Data stored secure and retrievable for 3+ years 
  • Test in-office with Mesa self-contained biological indicators and incubators 
  • Add chemical indicators for enhanced infection control 

Medical offices

Sterilizer monitoring requirements 


Veterinary clinics


Body art

Sterilizer monitoring requirements 


  • Prompt notifications of failed tests 
  • Emailed test results 
  • 24-hour incubation of steam tests 
  • Gram-staining verification for failed tests 
  • Control strip with each test strip 
  • Certificate of spore testing participation