Faster, easier, more accurate calibration

Proper care and calibration of your instruments play a critical role in maintaining your investment in the latest instrument technology and in maintaining quality patient care. Designed for use by both patient care and technical personnel, the Mesa Labs’ Care and Calibration Stations provide a fast, convenient method to perform the necessary rinsing, disinfection, verification and calibration of your instruments.

Assured confidence 

All standard solutions provide traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which enhances your CQI program. 


Our daily reference wall chart provides step-by-step instructions for users in the care, verification, rinsing, disinfection and storage of the syringe style meters. Mesa Labs Care and Calibration Stations can be used with any meter having a flow-through conductivity cell. PVC construction for easy cleaning and durability makes it easy to maintain. 


Compact and portable, the Stations can be easily moved to any location in the facility. One way is to check valves to prevent evaporation and help eliminate waste of standard solution. Used solution is expelled through the check valve and flows to a sink drain or acceptable alternative disposal bin via the drain tube. Modular design allows you to customize the Stations to your individual needs. The Care and Calibration Stations are totally self-contained preventative maintenance systems for your dialysis meters. Many configurations are available to maximize flexibility, customizing the stations to fit the needs of  the Dialysis Clinic. 

Document Downloads

Document Downloads

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