Conductivity, pH, temperature & pressure meter

The 90XL Dialysis Meter is a state-of-the-art, portable, multifunction meter designed to measure the conductivity, pH, temperature and pressure of the dialysate fluids from hemodialysis delivery systems and of the water used in hemodialysis clinics. 

The 90XL Meter is a modular system. The system consists of the display module and the sensor modules. The display module is the controller for the system with a large display, microprocessor, circuitry, keypad and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery power supply. Individual sensor modules are available for measuring either conductivity/temperature, pH, or pressure. The sensor modules contain the appropriate sensors and the circuitry for measuring the desired parameter of the sample solution. Up to four sensors, in any combination, can be used simultaneously, with all parameters displayed on the display module screen.



The 90XL provides highly accurate and precise measurements of conductivity in both the high and low ranges and has the long-term stability required for the most demanding applications. It can be used to test and calibrate all types of delivery systems and water purification systems. 


The 90XL’s display module can show readings of all installed sensor modules simultaneously for true hands-free operation. The on-screen prompts guide you through the measuring process. The 90XL meter sets the standard in the industry for ease of use. 


Up to four different sensor modules in any combination can be used at one time with the 90XL for the ultimate in flexibility. The 90XL has an easy-to-use field calibration program that guides you step by step through the entire calibration process. When service is required, only the sensor module needs to be returned to our dialysis customer support department for annual calibration or certification. There is no need to return the entire meter. 

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications, see the 90XL Brochure.

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