Customized consulting and third-party testing services

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Expert third-party studies 

Our independent, state-of-the-art contract studies laboratory uses advanced methods and procedures to design and perform tests and analysis across a wide range of biological indicators and modalities. With an independent laboratory operation and management structure, we provide Certificate of Analysis verification and valid third-party testing even for Mesa products. 


Mesa’s third-party chemical and biological indicator testing is conducted in an ISO-certified, FDA-registered lab by highly skilled analysts with extensive experience in USP- and ISO-recommended procedures and protocols. 


Our extensive expertise in biological indicator analysis provides consistent results. We test according to USP and ISO guidelines, with the flexibility to modify procedures to accommodate your methodology.  


The third-party testing group at Mesa Labs has more than 70 years of combined experience in the biological indicator industry and test across multiple modalities. We regularly provide services including: 

  • Population assays 
  • Microbial isolation and identification 
  • Purity testing 
  • Resistance testing in ISO 18472 test vessels 

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