2 Easy Ways to Get Service


Regular calibration ensures that you’re getting the most accurate results which can greatly improve your ROI and avoid production loss and costly recalls. We recommend calibration be performed at least every 12 months.

Since we’re the ones that made your machine, we’re the best ones to calibrate it. Unlike 3rd party cal labs that may lack familiarity with our testers, our technicians have the most intimate understanding of proper calibration techniques. This means we can ensure that your torque tester will be optimized for the best possible performance and most accurate data.

During our standard calibration procedure we calibrate the display to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and check the linearity with 4 different torque standards. After calibrating your torque tester, we prepare a NIST traceable certificate for you. Your calibration will include:

  • Thorough inspection of your analyzer
  • Make sure it meets all original specs
  • Clean the analyzer and the area immediate around it
  • Inspect all tooling and accessories
  • Complete all paper work and certification documents
  • Review any questions with your operator(s)