Get the most from your dialysate meter!

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. provides factory certified service, repairs and re-certification to original product specification at our factory in Lakewood Colorado. All of our Medical product lines are manufactured and maintained under ISO 13485 certified procedures so you can be assured that our high quality and technical standards are in place.  Mesa recommends annual calibration of all DialyGuard meters.

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. only services Mesa dialysis meters and is the only factory-certified service center for our products. The recommended calibration/service interval for the 90XL and pHoenix meters is 12 months, or sooner if a malfunction is detected. Phoenix XL meters do not need to be sent in for calibration. Simply order a new module each year using the pHoenix XL order form.

How to send your dialysis meter in for calibration

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment sent to Mesa for service will be serviced at current pricing. Only send components that require service and/or calibration. 90XL displays do not require calibration. Please send only if service is required.

  • Complete and Print the RGA Form. This form should accompany the meter being sent to Mesa Labs. Any meter sent without this form will be destroyed if unclaimed after six months.
  • Ship the meter and/or modules with the complete form to Mesa Labs in Lakewood Colorado (pre-paid) using a freight company with a tracking system. This is useful for tracing your items if they should happen to be lost by the shipping company.
  • Please include as much information on the Service Order Form about your items as possible such as, a point of contact, call with an estimate for approval before repair, ship back overnight, or any type of technical issues you are having with the instrument. This will minimize concerns of our meeting your expectations and returning your product in a timely fashion.

Please keep in mind we no longer service the Hydra, Neo-Stat+, Neo-1, Neo-2, or 90DX meters.