Please click on the button below to plan the return of your BGI product to our 9001:2008 accredited facility for expert care, maintenance, and calibration.

Mesa recommends annual service and calibration of your BGI product as a periodic quality assurance measure to ensure your instrument is providing accurate and reliable data

Due to the possibility of contamination, the following Instruments cannot be returned to Mesa Labs

  • All Collison Nebulizers
  • Wright Dust Feeder
  • STAG 2000 – Product has been discontinued
  • Any other Instrument that may have been exposed to hazardous contaminants

Find Your Service Center

European Service Center

If you are located in the EU, please contact Mesa’s authorized European service center directly to receive a Service Quote or calibration pricing. TPF Control is the authorized service center for the tetraCal, deltaCal, HiVol Cal and The Challenger.

TPF Control 
Tel. +31 (0) 85 7500 110
Fax +31 (0) 85 7500 111
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Latin America Service Centers

If you are located in one of the above countries, please contact Mesa’s authorized service centers in your area directly to receive a Service Quote or calibration pricing.  All other Latin American Countries, please contact the following service center:

Inteccon Inc.
Tel: 561-912-9809/561-912-7201
Fax: 561-912-9810
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