Get powerful new features for minimal investment

Cap torque analyzers have been serving the torque industry for many years now. Many models have done a tremendous job providing consistent, reliable data and providing. However, most models were designed several years ago and contain many critical components that are now obsolete and unsupported. Mesa Laboratories, Inc. is offering an upgrade option for the Torqo 1590 to 1600 

Three Reasons to Upgrade

Setup Markers

On the new ST-120/S machines the setup markers are machined into the framework vs. adhesive markers on older models. This assures setup markers are identical from machine to machine and that results are consistent. 
Improved Table Vertical Adjustment 

On the new ST-120/S machines the table mount is slotted so that vertical adjustments on a setup can be performed with ease and in less time. The knobs no longer need to be removed for major height adjustments. 
Self-Centering Clamp Assembly 

The bottle clamps shut to the center and eliminates the need for the lateral clamp adjustment in older models. We offer adapters that can incorporate old tool designs with the self-centering clamps (SCC) feature. Note: SCC requires center loading of the container to prevent tipping of tall products and/or a base adapter for ease of operator loading. Review of product sizes and clamp locations are recommended. SCC is not available on machines fitted with a top-load, load cell. 

Why Upgrade? 

  • Design innovation has been considered to improve the mechanics of measuring torque to provide customers with improved ergonomics and repeatability. Also, many models have contained critical components that are now obsolete and unsupported. While Mesa Labs provides best-in-class calibration & evaluation services for all Torqo and Sure­Torque units, repair services for the old or unsupported models are expensive or not available. 
  • The procedure is easy; simply provide the model number (i.e. 1502-30) as well as the serial number from the backside of the analyzer to a sales representative and a quotation for the Upgrade/Trade-In will be provided. The customer then simply returns the older unit to Mesa’s designated return location and Mesa will ship the new analyzer to the customer’s location. 
  • Mesa will also provide the first annual calibration and NIST traceable certification with every Upgrade/trade in. The Torqo II+ and SureTorque analyzers include a full one-year warranty covering all parts and labor.