DataTrace® Pro Software

Powerful regulatory compliant software for better insights into your critical data.

DataTrace Pro (DT Pro) Software is the heart of the DataTrace MPRF and MPIII process monitoring solutions. From the creation of process reports, analyzing and understanding data, and complying with your regulatory requirements, DT Pro gives you greater insight and productivity.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

In the food processing industry, we need lethality data to know whether the product is safe to eat.  All of this information can now be graphed and displayed all on one report with just one extra click for a quick, easy-to-read review of the process for anyone to check the results.

The robust reporting capabilities of the DT Pro software provide beautiful reports with graphs and calculations such as lethality, pre- and post-calibration verification displays of loggers before and after the process, and a placement view of the data loggers. 

In Software Pre- and Post-Calibration Verification

There is a requirement to perform As Found results before use in EO, because once the gasses have affected the sensor, you need to prove that it was in calibration the next time it is used, right before use. 

The software offers a “set it and forget it” type of calibration with industry standard controls and the ability to assess to a certain specified tolerance. It can calibrate loggers directly in the software and communicate with industry standard or leading metrology equipment. Please note, it is still recommended that you receive factory calibration once per year, but performing it in house simplifies the process.

21CFR Part 11 Compliance

When it comes to 21CFR Part 11 compliance, if you are not compliant, you cannot use the data loggers and software, so it is imperative to know what regulations you need to meet and whether your software is compliant. 21CFR Part 11 compliance is great for pharmaceutical communities with regulatory compliance needs under the FDA that need to show they are meeting requirements on a regular basis. DT Pro software is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and has the ability to maintain regulatory compliance while processing and handling data.

DataTrace Pro Comparison Matrix

DT Pro Software 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Radio Frequency Software Validation Docs Available Description
DT Pro Basic License No No No Includes all the tools to program, read, test and calibrate loggers, create and customize reports, and manage data.
DT Pro Plus License * Yes Yes Yes

In addition to the features of the Basic edition, includes support for Radio Frequency (RF) loggers and interfaces, wireless data reception, alarms, and support for regulatory compliance.

DT Pro LAN License * Yes Yes Yes In addition to all the features of the Plus edition, includes the components necessary to share its database with other DataTrace Pro installations. Note: for a shared LAN installation, only one LAN Server edition is required; Plus editions include the components necessary to connect to the LAN server database.

NOTICE: DT Pro Plus or LAN should be should be used in industries or companies that are subject to USFDA regulations (21CFR Part 11) or the international equivalent, such as the pharmaceutical or medical industries; companies requiring GxP compliance or operating in ISO certified environments should also use Plus or LAN versions.

*DT Pro Plus and LAN versions have the features/functions required for 21CFR Part 11 Compliance. Ultimate compliance also requires the end user to have, and adhere to, the additional SOP's, and documentation practices required by 21CFR Part 11 Compliance.


Before you Download

Please review the following information carefully.

Full Installer

If you are new to DT Pro, please use the Full Installer Download. The Full Installer is approximately 360Mb.  It may require some time to download. After the download is complete, follow the “DataTracePro Installer v1.3.1.6 Software User Manual” PDF to install DT Pro.

Software License Requirements: After a successful installation, DT Pro will be fully functional for a period of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, many features will be disabled. You must contact customer service at Mesa Laboratories, Inc. and provide us your Installation ID to purchase a proper license key for permanent access. The Installation ID will be displayed when DataTrace Pro starts or access it via File menu > License Registration option.


Upgrade Installer

If you already have DataTrace Pro installed on your computer, then use the Upgrade Installer Download. Previous saved data or configuration information will not be affected. The Upgrade Installer size is approximately 40MB.  Upgrades are free and do not affect or require new license registration.

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