We’re looking forward to supporting you! Please use this form to plan the return of your DryCal product to Mesa Labs ISO 17025-accredited laboratory for expert care, maintenance, and calibration.

DryCal products are recognized for their accuracy by flow professionals worldwide. We believe it’s important to verify that your primary standard hasn’t been compromised. We recommend annual service and calibration of your DryCal primary gas flow standard as a periodic quality assurance measure, as well as to provide you and your organization with a defensible audit trail of premier quality.

Why should I calibrate my DryCal instrument?

Maintenance of your DryCal instrument is actually a full product refurbishment and calibration performed by the same experienced technicians that build the new DryCal instruments.  Our accreditation and documented traceability ensures our accuracy claims are met. An annual NIST-traceable calibration by Mesa’s ISO accredited facility provides a defensible audit trail as well as the periodic care and maintenance your instrument requires.

What is included in factory calibration?

  • Disassembly and inspection of the instrument for wear, defect, contaminants and damage
  • Full cleaning, repair and/or replacement of parts as needed
  • Battery test/replacement
  • Upgraded firmware and hardware
  • Temperature and pressure sensor calibration if required
  • Multi-point flow calibration with adjustment
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate with As-Found (pre) and As-Left (post ) data
  • 6 month service warranty

Factory calibration vs. 3rd party calibration laboratories

Mesa Labs is the only laboratory that can perform a DryCal calibration in the US. Third party calibration laboratories cannot adjust your instrument. These other labs can only perform verifications, not calibrations and will only issue a NIST-traceable certificate that identifies the instrument falls within claimed accuracy specifications. This means that they cannot reset calibration points, perform repairs and maintenance with authorized parts, provide hardware and firmware updates or even check and change batteries.

Note to customers regarding hazardous materials

It is the customer’s/end user’s responsibility to decontaminate any instrument prior to return and fully disclose any use with all hazardous materials.  Any unit exposed to hazardous materials will require a statement signed by a certified toxicologist, verifying that the unit has been decontaminated.  If the instrument was exposed to hazardous materials, please notify the customer service agent and mark the shipment box “IETHM” (instrument exposed to hazardous materials).


Find Your Service Center

European Service Center

If you are located in the EU, please contact Mesa’s authorized European service center directly to receive a Service Quote or calibration pricing. TPF Control is the authorized service center for DC Lite, Defender, FlexCal, DryCal 800, ML-800, and ML-500 products.

TPF Control
Tel. +31 (0) 85 7500 110
Fax +31 (0) 85 7500 111
Visit website

Asian Service Centers

If you are located in the Asia-Pacific region, please contact Mesa’s authorized service center, Quest Technology, to receive a service quote or calibration price. Quest is the authorized service center for the Defender and Definer products.
Quest Technology Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6748-4310
Fax: (65) 6748-3505
Visit Website

Quest Technology (Suzhou)
Tel: +86-15821772325
Visit Website

Latin America Service Centers

If you are located in Mexico, Colombia or Chile, please contact Mesa’s authorized service centers in your area directly to receive a Service Quote or calibration pricing.  All other Latin American Countries, please contact the following service center:
Inteccon Inc.
Tel: 561-912-9809/561-912-7201
Fax: 561-912-9810
Visit website


Product Warranty Information

Mesa Labs will honor all true warranty issues (instances of product defect) regarding any DryCal unit still within the warranty period. This means that Mesa will repair, free-of-charge, any DryCal unit in order to restore it to fully-functional performance – as long as the DryCal unit has not been damaged through misuse or trauma.

Warranty periods are as follows:

New Products: 12 months from the ship date

Serviced Products: 6 months from the ship date

Recertification of the DryCal unit and its associated calibration certificate are available for an additional fee, contact customer service for a quotation on these additional services.