EZTest® is a self-contained biological indicator for monitoring steam / flash steam, ethylene oxide, or hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

EZTest steam and EO utilize a filter paper carrier, H2O2 utilizes a stainless-steel disc carrier. Inside the thermoplastic culture tube is a sealed-glass ampoule of specially-formulated soybean casein digest culture medium containing a pH color indicator which turns a dramatic yellow when spores grow.

EZTest® is easy-to-use and produces visual results within 24 hours (steam or hydrogen peroxide) or 48 hours (ethylene oxide) without laboratory transfers.

  • 24 hour results for steam or H2O2
  • 48 hour results for EO
  • Easy to Culture
  • No Laboratory Required
  • Dramatic Color Change
Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications

EZTest® Biological Indicators

Storage: Room Temperature

Expiration: 24 months (Steam/IUSS; Gas), 18 months (H202)

Certification: EZTest® biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection and certified for population, D-value, Z-value and performance.


EZTest® Steam / IUSS

G. stearothermophilus

Incubation 24 Hours at 55-60°C
Population 105 105 106 106
Units 100 25 100 25






EZTest® Gas (for Ethylene Oxide)

B. atrophaeus


48 Hours at 35-39°C

Population 106 106
Units 100 25
Reorder# EZG/6 EZG/625


EZTest® H2O2 (for Hydrogen Peroxide)

G. stearothermophilus


24 Hours at 55-60°C

Population 105 106
Units 100 100



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