ExpoSure® is suitable for healthcare and non-healthcare settings and usage. Its 24-hour incubation time and flexibility make it a powerful tool to help your facility maintain compliance and patient safety.

ExpoSure® is a direct replacement product and can be used in conjunction with existing incubators out in the field (55-60 °C). The on-board chemical indicator confirms that it has been exposed to hydrogen peroxide by changing from red to blue upon exposure.

  • Fits Existing Incubators

  • Dry Bath Incubator Available


  • STERRAD® 50

  • STERRAD® 100S (Short & Long*)

  • STERRAD® 200 (Short & Long*)

  • STERRAD® NX® (Advanced & Standard)


”Long” applies to industrial cycles only
*Sterrad® is a registered trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products.


After the sterilization cycle, crush the media ampoule with the tool provided or by squeezing the sides of the plastic tube by hand. The unit is properly activated when the media has been released from the ampoule and the spore disc is in contact with the released media.


Each unit is labeled with lot number, expiration, manufacturer and species of organism. Unit has a process indicator on it to assist the user in distinguishing an exposed from an unprocessed unit.


The control unit should exhibit a color change to or toward yellow and/or turbidity. If the control unit does not show signs of growth, consider the test invalid.


A failed sterilization cycle is indicated by a color change to or toward yellow and/or turbidity. A test unit that retains its original purple color indicates that sterilization parameters have been met. ExpoSure® is manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 11138 and current USP.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications

EZTest® Biological Indicators

Incubation: 24 hours at 55 – 60°C

Storage: 2 – 25°C ;  ≤ 60% relative humidity

Expiration: 12 months from date of manufacture

Certification: Exposure biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection, and certified for  population, D-value and performance.


G. stearothermophilus

Incubation 24 hours at 55 – 60°C
Population 106
Units 30


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