Central connection for hardwired temperature monitoring


Enhanced processing capabilities and larger memory storage increase your visibility. VP Connect stores a minimum of 14 days of logged data points at a 15-minute scan rate.


VP Connect can handle from 32 to 44 sensors and supports four module types, serving as a one-for-one replacement for AmegaView panels or an extension of your existing system.


VP Connect includes a serial communications port allowing connection to an Amega View Gateway, and also integrates seamlessly with Mesa’s internet-based ViewPoint software.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications


  • 20” W x 24”H x 8.75”D 


  • 55–60 lb without backup batteries 
  • 70–75 lb with backup batteries 


  • Input power required: 50-60 Hz; 100-240 V AC, 1.0-2.1 A 
  • Internal power supply: 30 V DC, 3.0 A  
  • Backup: Two rechargeable 12 V DC lead acid batteries wired in series  
  • Battery run time: up to four hours 


  • Vertically mounted with a wall mounted cleat 
  • Load vertical bearing capacity required: minimum 300 lb 
  • Bottom of panel must be secured with screws no more than 6’ from ground 


  • Temperature range: 41°-122° F (5°-50°C) 
  • % RH: 0%-7% 


  • Minimum: 14 days of data logged at 15-minute scan rate 


  • Ethernet RJ-45 data ports: CAT-5 input wiring or existing network cabling 
  • Connect 10 VP panels per Gateway via RS-485 network 
  • AS-Connect and VP Connect integrate simultaneously on the same RS-485 network 
  • ViewPoint OnPrem software
  • ViewPoint Cloud software

Product Options

Modules supported 

  • 8-Channel RTD Input Module 
  • 12-Channel Analog Input Module
  • 12-Channel Thermocouple Input Module 
  • 12-Channel Relay Output Module 

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