Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Mesa Labs

The ESG Program Brochure describes Mesa’s ongoing efforts as we continue investing in our ESG commitments as critical components of our long-term business strategy and creating stockholder value. Echoing the Mesa Way, we see every day as an opportunity to improve– from water conservation to employee development, or from data security to increasing renewable energy within our buildings. Through our work and that of our customers, we hope to build more livable, sustainable communities that help protect the vulnerable around the world. With the support and oversight of our Board of Directors, we look forward to expanding upon our efforts and sharing our ESG progress in the years to come.


"Our purpose of Protecting the Vulnerable extends beyond our focus on improving patient care. Often susceptible to harm and inequalities, the vulnerable also includes the earth that must be preserved for generations to come. The vulnerable can also be the employees within our realm of care. To truly fulfill our purpose, our processes and activities ought to be managed in a sustainable manner." - Gary Owens, President & CEO

How do we protect the vulnerable in our communities and throughout the world?

Mesa offers a breadth of products unified by a shared commitment to accelerate growth and innovation to care for communities around the world. For example, our products support laboratories with more affordable, accurate genomic testing. Our products also help workers monitor hazardous environments, including helping healthcare staff ensure the sterility of their instruments, and our products ensure the proper functioning of lifesaving medical devices. Whether it’s environments, products, or people, Mesa is committed to protecting the vulnerable.

ESG Framework: Three Areas of Focus

We recognize specific ESG factors create value and are highly relevant to our business and stakeholders. We hope to continue unlocking the transformational capabilities of ESG within our people, processes, and products.  

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We recognize the impact we have on the environment, and we are committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business operations. We actively evaluate ways we can promote rigorous sustainability standards in our operations and products. These processes apply across water conservation, energy consumption, waste, packaging, and workplace safety.


Our employees are essential to our success and our global community matters to us. We believe recruiting diverse talent makes Mesa stronger. We also believe that engaged employees find a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment in what they do and thus extend this effort into their performance. We focus on giving back and connecting to the needs of our local neighborhoods.


Our Board of Directors creates value by providing oversight to our business, including our ESG strategy. The governance they provide is the foundation for operating an ethical business that upholds our values and purpose. Diverse backgrounds and viewpoints are key attributes for the Board to best serve the long-term interests of our shareholders. Furthermore, the Mesa leadership team pioneers programs that create a safe, diverse, and inclusive culture.

ESG Highlight: Giving Back to Our Communities

Mesa employees volunteer monthly at the Fork & Spoon in Bozeman, Montana's first and only pay-what-you-can restaurant. Inviting everyone to join at a price that they can afford, Fork & Spoon focuses on "creating homegrown, scratch-made cooking using locally sourced ingredients." We're proud to partner with an organization that supplies a critical source of food security for the community.


Report: Forced Labour or Child Labour in Supply Chains

In compliance with Canada's Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act, Mesa Labs prepared a report for the calendar year ended December 31, 2023. As a responsible corporate citizen, we commit to sustainable practices and the well-being of the communities and environments where we operate.