Recognizing the need for a lower cost and more universal tooling, Mesa Laboratories developed a manually actuated 4-post cap gripper.

  • Fits SureTorque ST-120S, ST-S3 models (firmware update may be required)
  • Adjustable, knurled gripping posts compatible with various cap OD (5-89mm)
  • Eliminates the need for multiple chucks
  • Non-destructive (does not leave marks when used properly)
  • Compatible with smooth caps (torque limitations apply)
  • Compatible with various serration patterns and cap types (CT, CR, ROPP, etc)*

*The 4-post cap gripper is not ideal for “high volume” production floor applications. The composition of closure, serration pattern, upper torque specification limit and cap/bottle shape may influence compatibility and performance. Before placing an order, please send sample closures to our customer service for verification.

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