Use ProChem SSIs to verify adequate steam penetration into every pack/pouch. The indicator ink changes from white to black during steam sterilization.

Tests have shown that ProChem SSIs complete their color change at a time equivalent to or beyond the time needed to kill Biological Indicators. (Data available upon customer request) Use according to instructions. ProChem SSIs are packaged 250 per box, with 16 boxes per case.

  • Class 4
  • Measures time, temperature and presence of steam
  • Catalog # CI-SINT
  • 250 indicators/box
  • Expires 3 years from date of manufacture
  • White to Black color change is not reversible
  • Instant visual verification of adequate steam penetration into the pack/pouch
  • Easy to Interpret
  • 3 minutes at 270-275°F (132-135°C)
  • An integral part of a comprehensive sterility assurance program
  • Non-reversible color change
  • International use only

This product is manufactured in an FDA registered facility pursuant to FDA Quality System Regulations (QSRs). Use ProChem SSIs in conjunction with BIs as described in current AAMI Standards and Recommended Practices: Good Hospital Practice: Steam Sterilization and Sterility Assurance. Use according to instructions on box.

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