The MeCo™ line is designed to provide consistency between validation cycles by enabling controlled placement of the biological indicator and the thermocouple together.

NEW PRODUCT! Improved SIP Validation Results

MeCo™ functions as a device for the standardization of the sterilization validation process. It protects the biological indicator (BI) during the cycle, reduces the use of tape, and enhances reproducibility of the thermocouple (TC) and BI placement throughout the cycle. For use with Mesa Spore Strip biological indicator.

  • Provide consistency between cycles by enabling
    controlled, reproducible placement of the biological
    indicator (BI) and thermocouple (TC) together.
  • Increase robustness by providing ability to easily reach
    most difficult to sterilize location per EP 9.2, ISO
    17665-1 Annex D, ISO 11138-7.
  • Reduce contamination with secure placement which
    eliminates loss or shredding of the BI and reduces stress
    on the TC.

Distributed by Mesa; Manufactured by Tyglar



MeCo™ Flat

  • MeCo™ Flat Can be used on flat or concave surfaces with the aid of the MeCo Strip.
  • Reorder #: MC-FLT


MeCo™ Round

  • MeCo™ Round can be used in pipelines with the aid of the MeCo Pusher.
  • Available in 4 sizes
    • 0.75” (¾) piping, reorder #: MC-RND0.75
    • 1.00” (1) piping, reorder #: MC-RND1.00
    • 1.50” (1 ½) piping, reorder #: MC-RND1.50
    • 2.00” (2) piping, reorder #: MC-RND2.00

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