Part number: 124805-504

Description: MPRF Batteries for Low Temp Applications – 3.6V Lithium AA cell Includes, 4 batteries, 6 Viton O-Rings, O-ring tool and silicone grease. *NOTICE* – Not to be used in applications exceeding 85°C


Part number: 124951-500

Description: Repeater Battery – 3.6V Lithium D cell Includes, 1 battery with insulator ring


Part number: 124805-502

Description: MPRF Batteries for MPRF Humidity – 3.6V Lithium 1/2AA cell, includes 8 batteries, 12 Viton O-Rings, O-ring tool and silicone grease


Part number: 124805-503

Description: MPRF Batteries for MPRF Temperature – 3.6V Lithium AA cell, includes 4 batteries, 6 Viton O-Rings, O-ring tool and silicone grease



Part Number:

124915-501 (Green)
124915-502 (Black)
124915-503 (Red)
124915-504 (White)
124915-505 (Blue)

Description: Silicone Grippers to assist in opening the MPRF and avoid rolling of Logger, pkg of 10 all same color

Storage Tubes


Part Number: 224798-501

Description: Stores one (1) MPRF Rigid TEMP Logger <= 3″ or MPRF Pressure Logger


Part Number: 224798-502

Description: Stores one (1) MPRF Rigid TEMP Logger <= 8″


Part Number: 224798-503

Description: Stores one (1) MPRF Humidity Logger


Part Number: 224798-504

Description: Stores one (1) MPRF Bendable TEMP Logger = 10″


Part Number: 224798-505

Description: Stores one (1) MPRF Bendable TEMP Logger = 14″ or 25″

Magnetic Holder


Part number: 200204-001

Description: Clip attached to a magnet. Attaches logger to inside of application chamber/rack for use in Temperature Mapping

Spring Clip

Part Number: 200201-500

Description: Stainless steel spring clip. Mounts logger to wall



Part Number: 224799-507

Description: MPRF Interface – All DataTrace data loggers require a DataTrace interface in order to program loggers and to receive data. The interfaces connect to a PC with a USB.

Works with:

  • MPRF Temperature (wireless)
  • MPRF Humidity (wireless)
  • MPRF Pressure (wireless)
  • MPIII Temperature*
  • MPIII Humidity*
  • MPIII Pressure*
  • Not intended for use with DTW.


Part Number: 122055 DT Intenna (Black)
155054-001 DT Intenna (Teflon) – Watertight

Description: DataTrace® InTenna is attached to the vessel by using a standard clamp fitting and sealed inside the vessel through any common service outlet. This enhanced capability means that retort cook cycles will always be able to hit their mark using the real-time feedback of the wireless data. As an autoclave user, a customer’s validation series cycle time could be dramatically reduced by monitoring the real-time data and making up-to-the-second decisions about the process. Finally, if a process is not going to way you like, you will be able to adjust the process mid-cycle to better achieve the desired outcome based on up-to-date and accurate information.



Part number: DT270009-1

Description: MPRF Locking Ring Spanner Tool –  designed to tighten logger after battery changes. Only works with newer MPRF model that has notches on upper ring

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