ProSpore® Ampoule is a self-contained biological indicator available for use in steam sterilization, and appropriate for use in healthcare applications.

It is intended for use as a challenge to steam sterilization at 121°C. ProSpore® Ampoule is ideal for use in validating the sterilization of volumes of liquid that takes a longer time to reach sterilizing conditions. No activation is required: just expose the unit in a sterilizer and incubate afterward.

ProSpore® Ampoule is a hermetically sealed, type I borosilicate glass ampoule. The ampoule is filled with a modified Soybean Casein Digest Broth containing bromocresol purple acid indicator. Each ampoule also contains a population of G. stearothermophilus spores*. Growth is evident by either turbidity and/or a color change from a purple to or toward yellow. ProSpore® Ampoule is a refrigerated item requiring expedited shipping.

*Derived from recognized reference strains as specified within USP, ISO or EN guidelines. These products are not certified as being representative of the reference strain and they should therefore not be used where a reference culture is specified.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

ProSpore® Ampoule Biological Indicator

Incubation: 48 hours

Expiration: 18 months from date of manufacture

Certification: ProSpore Ampoule is certified for species, 48-hour outgrowth, Population, Expiration, D-value, and Z-value.

G. stearothermophilus

Incubation 48 hours at 55 – 600C
Population 104 104 105 105 106
Units 10 50 10 50 50






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