MFC & MFM Command, Control and Readout Device for Laboratory and Industrial Process Control Applications

The Integrator Pro is designed for use with the Mesa Met Lab® Series of primary piston provers for the precise, high-speed calibration of most industry standard MFCs and MFMs.


  • Connects to your mass flow devices via manufacturer-specific cables
  • Offers manual operation mode for easy calibration set up and verifications of mass flow devices
  • Simultaneously displays your Met Lab Series’ flow measurements, your device’s readouts and deviation percentages
  • PC command interface for automated calibration with DryCal Pro or user created software
  • Commands your mass flow controllers to generate specific flows, while simultaneously indicating – and verifying – their output
  • Generates user-entered setpoints for most mass flow controllers
  • Provides diagnostic readings of setpoint and mass flow device output, in Milliamps or Volts

The Integrator Pro control and readout device used to perform in-house verifications and multi-setpoint calibrations of your critical analog mass flow devices.

The Integrator Pro powers and controls mass flow devices, allowing for in-house verifications and multipoint calibrations.  You can also combine our new Integrator Pro with one of our DryCal primary piston provers to set up an analog MFC and MFM calibration station. It can power and control up to two voltage and two current mass flow devices at the same time. Data can be collected directly in the DryCal Pro software for instant flow comparisons and deviation percentages.

While it powers and controls your mass flow control devices, the Integrator Pro also communicates directly with your Mesa Met Lab® Series primary piston prover for instant flow comparisons and deviation percentages, comprehensively presented on its LCD display.

Using available valve drivers and bi-directional communication, our gas flow calibration solution is customizable, meaning your organization gets exactly the level of calibration control you need.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications

Programmable Values:

Channel Ranges: Off, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-5V, 1-5V

Output Power Supply Voltage:

+/- 15V

Channel Interface

  • Input:
    • Interface: DA15S
    • Analog Current: 0-20.000 mA +0.075% Zi 100 ohm
    • Analog Voltage: 0-10.000 V +0.075%
  • Output:
    • Interface: DA15S
    • Analog Current: 0-20.000 mA +0.075%
    • Analog Voltage: 0-10.000 V +0.024%
  • Serial Port:
  • Power:
    12-24 VDC 65-33 mA 0.8w
  • Compliances:
    CE Mark EN61326-1, FCC Part15 Class A, FCC Part 68, RoHS

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