Process Challenge Devices® (PCD®) are externally placed on pallets to assure terminal sterilization of medical devices. PCDs have defined resistance values that match internal sterilization challenges.

  • Mesa PCD® have unique patented packaging of a variety of B. atrophaeus biological indicators to match your process.
  • You can use PCD® for both validation and routine monitoring of Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles.
  • PCDs have consistent resistance and are certified to ISO 13485 quality systems for medical devices.
  • Mesa’ s PCD® line offers a broad range of available resistance levels and biological indicator (BI) types to meet endless cycle configurations. See the product section below…
  • Our PCD® Selection Set offers 4 of the most common configurations in one kit to determine appropriate resistance level for your cycle.
  • We can provide faster turnaround with self-contained biological indicators.
Technical Specifications
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Type 2 (Most Resistance)

PCD® 2.1 Mesa BI Disc, 1-10006mm (D-Value: 28)

PCD® 2.12 Mesa BI Strip, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 28)

PCD® 2.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 58)

PCD® 2.2 Steris BI Spore Strip, NA005 (D-Value: 28)

PCD® 2.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 37)

PCD® 2.6 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 58)

PCD® 2.7 Steris BI Spore Strip in glassine, NA005 (D-Value: 37)

PCD® 2.9 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 58)


Type 3 (Least Resistance)

PCD® 3.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 3)

PCD® 3.2 Steris BI Spore Strip, NA 005 (D-Value: 3)

PCD® 3.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in Glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 4)

PCD® 3.6 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 5)

PCD® 3.9 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 5)


Type 4 (Medium Resistance)

PCD® 4.1 Mesa BI Disc, 1-10006mm (D-Value: 21)

PCD 4.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 50)

PCD® 4.2 Steris BI Spore Strip, NA005 (D-Value: 21)

PCD® 4.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in Glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 32)

PCD® 4.6 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 50)

PCD® 4.7 Steris BI Spore Strip in Glassine, NA005 (D-Value: 32)

PCD® 4.9 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 50)


Type 5 (Low Resistance)

PCD® 5.1 Mesa BI Disc, 1-10006mm (D-Value: 4)

PCD® 5.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 13)

PCD® 5.2 Steris BI Spore Strip, NA005 (D-Value: 4)

PCD® 5.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in Glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 5)

PCD® 5.62 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 13)

PCD® 5.92 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 13)


Type 6 (Medium Resistance)

PCD® 6.1 Mesa BI Disc, 1-10006mm (D-Value: 12)

PCD® 6.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 35)

PCD® 6.2 Steris BI Spore Strip, NA005 (D-Value: 12)

PCD® 6.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in Glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 17)

PCD® 6.6 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 35)

PCD® 6.7 Steris BI Spore Strip in Glassine, NA005 (D-Value: 17)

PCD® 6.9 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 35)


Type 7 (Medium Resistance)

PCD® 7.1 Mesa BI Disc, 1-10006mm (D-Value: 9)

PCD® 7.13 Mesa EZTest EZG/6 SCBI (D-Value: 26)

PCD® 7.2 Steris BI strip, NA005 (D-Value: 9)

PCD® 7.5 Mesa BI Spore Strip in Glassine, SGMG/6 (D-Value: 14)

PCD® 7.6 3M AttestTM 1264-S SCBI (D-Value: 26)

PCD® 7.7 Steris BI Spore Strip in Glassine, NA 005 (D-Value: 14)

PCD® 7.9 3M AttestTM 1294-S RRBI (D-Value: 26)


Type 8

PCD® 8.13 Mesa EZTest EZH/6 SCBI H2O2 Cycles

Technical Specifications

Product Label: Polyolefin plastic with removable pressure sensitive test tube label.

Mounting Card: PVC plastic with a pressure sensitive adhesive strip for mounting on the outside of a sterilizer load.

EO Resistant Barrier Pouch: Proprietary multi-layer plastic film combinations result in consistent EO sterilization resistance to all commercial processes.

Biological Indicator: Per customer specification. Any commercially available BI test strip, disc or Self Contained BI (SCBI).

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