The Mesa Way is our customer focused, lean-based system for efficiently and effectively operating a set of high-margin, niche businesses. It is based on four pillars:


MEASURE WHAT MATTERS: We take the customer’s perspective, our “True North”, both to measure what matters most to customers and to set absolute standards for performance. We manage to leading indicators, which drive us to proactively avoid problems.


EMPOWER TEAMS: We move decision making as close to the customer as possible and provide the structure and real time communication forum to align the whole organization behind surpassing customer expectations.


STEADILY IMPROVE, : We leverage a common and proven set of Lean-based tools to prioritize our biggest opportunities, address those opportunities at root cause, and enable change to be embraced and implemented quickly.


ALWAYS LEARN: We ensure that improvements are sustained, enabling us to raise performance expectations and repeat the cycle of improvement. Equally, this cycle strengthens the Mesa team by providing endless learning opportunities for our employees and helps us to become an employer of choice in our communities.